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Fuck this!

I’m tired of begging you, looking fucking desperate. You are not worth my time anymore! I deserve being spoiled. I wanna be pampered, appreciated! No more fuck buddies. Take me out on a date, only way you gonna see me (again).

Artist: Selena


"Yo tenia una esperanza
En el fondo de mi alma
Que un dia te quedaras
Tu conmigo
Y aun guardaba una ilusion
Que alimentaba el corazon
Mi corazon que hoy tiene que verte
Como solo amigoā€¯

Artist: Selena


One of my favorite tracks from her 1994 Album. Absolutely love it. Reminds me of being a kid and my roots.

This could be us… But you scared Nigga. Haha

I’ve got your kiss still burning on my lips, the touch of your finger tips!

Etched upon my memories baby


I seriously fucked up